London’s Calling

Hey guys and welcome back! It’s been so long since I’ve wrote here but I have had so much going on and just needed a lil’ break. I’m here now and ready to share with you my first travel post, my first trip of the year, and my first time in London! I went with Andrew and we had the best time…

Day One – Friday
We arrived in London Heathrow Airport around 11am on our first day of our long weekend away. At first it was a bit of a struggle trying to figure out how to work the tube but we eventually got the hang of it! Right off the airplane, straight onto the tube and before we knew it we were at the Tower of London where we were staying in the most beautiful apartment building, Cheval Three Quays. I didn’t get any photos of our apartment – cry – but check out the website as it is gorgeous!

We booked lunch for 2.30 at Nobu on Berkeley Street, it was A M A Z I N G!!! I am still not over how good the food was!

To start, I had the crispy rice and spicy tuna – that crispy rice is more spectacular than anything I have ever tasted in my life! I am still not over it, I don’t think I ever will be. Andrew had the chef’s special sashimi collection, also amazing but not quite as good as my crispy rice!!
For main, I had the spicy prawn dish (I cannot for the life of me remember the actual name of the dish and having a look at the menu is not jogging my memory!) with 3 different kinds of mushrooms. I am a total lover of prawns and mushrooms and the way they were cooked complimented each other incredibly! Andrew had the sushi selection which again was amazing! We both love sushi so these dishes were an absolute 10/10 for us. There is no Nobu in Scotland, however if you are looking for an amazing restaurant for sushi type dishes I would totally recommend Sapporo Tepanyaki – it’s a fantastic restaurant with a brilliant atmosphere!
As far as deserts go (of course we had a 3 courser), we scoffed them so fast I didn’t have time to take any pics! I’m not 100% sure what Andrew had, but I opted for this chocolate-y praline-y mousse delight. It was so smooth and creamy and it was an amazing end to a fantastic meal. Of course my lunch was washed down with a glass of prosecco (or two).

After having a meal fit for a king we decided to take a wander around London and see some of the sights. It was a beautiful day so we went for such a long long walk to see as much as we could. Our stroll started off down Bond Street, and I literally almost died. Totally stunned by all the fashion and just the feel of being there ugh! We were both far too intimidated to go into any of the shops so we just stared in the windows, Andrew had actually said “it doesn’t matter that you’re carrying a Mulberry and wearing all of your expensive jewellery, and it doesn’t matter that I’m wearing Valentino trainers and a Hugo Boss jacket, if we’re not carrying shopping bags we can’t go in.” I totally stand by what he said, it doesn’t matter how expensive you look when you have no money haha!
After walking around all the shops and catching some sun, we stopped to have a little seat in Picadilly Circus – queue the selfie…


It took us many attempts to get one as I never liked any of the one’s I had taken, and you can imagine how busy the area was and there’s us two having a small photo shoot! As our beautiful day continued we decided to walk even further and go see the Palace. Before we knew it we were having a lovely stroll through St James’ Park which was absolutely stunning! Such a beautiful area! We got to Buckingham Palace and I was stunned with how big it was, I mean I know its a Palace and everything but it was huge!17799978_1665446730139137_7616054535371652908_n

Oh look, a Princess outside her home… After seeing the Palace (aka where I belong) we walked up towards Westminster and seen the Abbey, Parliament and Big Ben! And before I knew what was happening I was back in my bed shattered ready for a nap before going back out.
After what felt like a lifetime of sleeping we were up and ready to go for some drinks. Once again I was having too much fun to take any pictures, but we headed to a few bars but nothing was really that great that we wanted to stay… Until we found The Magic Roundabout. Holy crap this is my favourite place on Earth I miss it so very much! The Magic Roundabout is this really cool bar that is in the Old Street subway stop. I will never forget this place, it is so cool and just so much fun! After a few (a lot of) drinks we headed back to our room ready to take on day two.

Day Two – Saturday
Saturday had been reserved for a few weeks before we travelled as the day for shopping. I was so desperate to see the Missguided store, so we got up and headed over to Westfield Stratford. I must say when we arrived and headed straight for Missguided I was pretty disappointed, it kills me to say but I think the store is really over rated! Andrew and I had a party coming up a couple of weeks after our trip so I was on the hunt for a new outfit. We trailed around loads of different stores trying to find me an outfit, but I was unsuccessful and left empty handed.

Back to the room, a quick nap and it was time to get ready to head out! We had dinner reservations at this restaurant called Mahiki – also amazing! It is a tapas bar with loads of different kinds of foods to try out. My personal favourite out of what we had was the sweet potato fries and garlic mayo, delicious!


Sweet potato fries with garlic mayo, tuna and salmon sushi rolls, crispy lamb spring rolls, and some kind of meat thing Andrew eat. Again another incredible meal! London food is outstanding I can’t fault anything! Mahiki had some very different cocktails on the menu and we tried to try as much as we could but I ended up just sticking to my usual Pornstar Martini after having one of the new, unusual one’s and trying Andrews.

Ugh the quality of these photo’s are all so poor, I actually lost my phone last weekend so I have had to pull these off of Facebook! After having dinner and cocktails it was time for the main event of the night… Joris Voorn and Alan Fitzpatrick @ Fabric!!! These guys are two amazing techno DJ’s and we were both so excited to see them! Fabric as a club itself is so cool, it reminded me a lot of the Arches in Glasgow which has very very sadly lost it’s license and hasn’t been opened for about 2 years now I think! This was such a fun night, we even befriended this random guy from California who had flown to London just for this event! Another amazing day had and it was back to bed for the big day…


Day 3 – Sunday
A very early rise for two hungover campers on the Sunday of our trip, as it was time to experience why we had actually came to London… Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the play. I am a huuuuuge Harry Potter fan, through and through (go Ravenclaw). I got the tickets to see the play in November 2015, that’s 2 and a half years wait for this. I had read the book as soon as it came out so I knew the story and plot and everything that was going to happen but I never expected it to be as magical as it was. The way the play was performed was unbelievable – I was so emotional all through out it and I was even crying at the beginning because I had waited so long to see it and I was finally there!

The Harry Potter play was an experience I will never ever forget. I only wish more tickets would be released so I can do it all over again, even now as I am writing this and knowing I will not be able to see the story in front of my very own eyes upset’s me greatly. We were in the play all day, it was very long and so detailed that it took up our whole last day – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


After the play it was time to head back to our room, get packed up and get some sleep before our flight home the next day 😦

London; you were amazing! As I have already mentioned, and I will never not say it, The Cursed Child play was outstanding. It didn’t only make my trip but it has made my year, and it’s only May. It was the most magical thing I have ever experienced and it took me right back to my childhood, as if I was discovering the magical world of Harry Potter for the first time all over again! What made it extra extra special was I got to share this experience with my best friend who deserves unlimited praise for sitting through a 6 hour play with me whilst I cried all the way through I was that emotional. I will absolutely be back again, whether by book or the big screen…

This blog is helllllaaaa long so thank you for sticking with it till the end! London was incredible and it was such a good way to kick off the year! My next post will also be about my London journey however it will be a much shorter one and it’ll be all of my outfits and fashion-ey things. Until then, you can catch me on all other social media platforms that I have linked for you, and you can also follow me on my Snapchat; sophiemacgregor super easy for you to find me!

Until next time, lots of love x


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