30 day challenge

30 Day Challenge

Hey guys, welcome back!

Once again we are continuing the 30 day challenge with day 5 and I’ll be talking to you about my proudest moment. I’ve also decided that I’m gunna create a separate category for the 30 day challenges, so far I’ve put them in the “lifestyle” section of my blog but – it isn’t really lifestyle is it? I’ll create a category purely for this and I’ll just have it linked in the “categories” drop down menu on my home page rather than linked at the top with the rest of them, just to keep it all in the one place and that way if you’re new here all of the “days” will be in the one section and I can leave lifestyle separate for actual lifestyle posts; and I’ll be making this weekends post one!

I’ve had a think over the past few days of what my proudest moment is, and I’ve narrowed it down to 2 things. The first is getting myself into university! I’m currently at college doing a HND (Higher National Diploma) in Legal Services and I have been fully accepted to Stirling University to study the Scots Law LLB course which is amazing, I am so happy that I now know where my future will take me; I’ve also been conditionally accepted into Strathclyde University (my first choice, eek!) to study the Scots and English Law LLB course and all I have to do is get a B in my final exam! The reason I am so proud of getting into university (finally) is because when I was in high school, I had a meeting with my careers adviser just to discuss my UCAS application, and she actually told me to select a different course than law to study as I wasn’t clever enough and wouldn’t get the grades. I couldn’t believe she had said this to me, I was 16 at the time and it totally knocked my confidence! Everyday I work so hard to prove her and anyone else who has ever doubted me that I can and I will do this – all about the PMA. I’m finally getting to where I’m meant to be and I’m so excited for what the future holds.

The second moment I want to talk about isn’t really a specific moment, but I am so proud of the person I have become, truly proud. When I was younger I was very easily led and I was friends with a lot of nasty girls, they were the popular ones and I was in there group so I done everything I could to impress them. Looking back I did not like the person I was at all; I would talk like them and dress like them and act like them – I was basically a sheep! As the years have passed I have became my own person, I am so independent and I do everything that I think is right rather than following the crowd. I have a group of amazing girls, I’m so close to my family and I have a fabulous boyfriend and I wouldn’t have any of this if I hadn’t realised “the error of my ways” and became my own person. I look back on how much I have grown and for that, I am proud!!

This post turned hella soppy hella fast so if you have managed to make it to the end without clicking off from my rambling – I thank you lol!!

Guys I would LOVE to know what your proudest moment/moments are, let me know in the comments below, I love knowing the different things people have done that make themselves proud! You can follow me on all other social media platforms that are linked on my page and you can also follow my Snapchat; sophiemacgregor to keep up with me ’till my next post!

Until then, lots of love x


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