30 day challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge

Hey guys, welcome back!

Today we are continuing the 30 Day Challenge and we are now onto day 4; my dream job.

I have always always always wanted to be a lawyer, my absolute dream! After studying law and realising how many different areas and types of jobs there are in the legal sector I know this is exactly what I want to do with my life. At first I always thought I would do something to do with crime or work with criminals or something but now I couldn’t be further away from wanting to work in this area of law. I then wanted to do something with family law, excelling in divorce however my parents are separated and will be getting a divorce, it’s not nice to go through so I know I definitely will not want to go through this any more times than I have to. I’m still young and have my full degree ahead of me but at this moment in time I’m so set on being a commercial advocate – think Harvey Specter from Suits and that is what I will be (well for know anyway)!

I’m so excited to continue my journey in law and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me. I think I enjoy it so much because I am genuinely interested in it.

That’s all for today guys!! What’s your dream job? Leave me a comment down below I wanna know all of your future goals!

Until next time, lots of love x

Ps… being a Kardashian isn’t a dream job is it?Kourtney-Kardashian-wait-what-GIF


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