How to… Look after your coloured hair!

Hey guys! How are you all?

Today’s blog post will be all about how I look after my coloured hair and maintain its vibrant-ness. My natural hair colour is a really dark brown, I have dark eyebrows and eyelashes as well, however right now my hair is a beautiful red colour – I’m obsessed with it. I decided to change my hair colour in November last year so it hasn’t been red for that long, since then I’ve had it recoloured twice just to keep it nice and bright.

My hairdresser Stuart told me the best thing for my hair is to wash it with lukewarm water and use a colour protect shampoo, not a “red coloured” shampoo as this can affect the colour of the dye. The products I use are all Aussie – I’m obsessed with these products – and they are all the “Colour Mate” range. So if you’re interested in the products I use when washing my hair to keep my hair as red as can be without it fading then stay tuned!!

Step 1

The first stage of my hair wash routine is to use the Colour Mate Shampoo. This stuff smells amazing, I love the smell of peaches and this leaves my hair smelling beautifully after every wash! As it says on the bottle it contains Australian Wild Peach extracts, using natural ingredients is so good for your hair. I wash my hair every 3 days and shampoo it twice every wash, rinsing it with a lukewarm shower as heat makes the colour fade faster!

Step 2: Option 1

Once I have shampooed my hair and it’s nice and clean, it’s time for a good conditioner to be applied to keep it soft and looking fabulous! Like I said, I wash my hair every 3 days so for 2 washes I use this Colour Mate Conditioner (I use a different product for the third time of my “hair cycle” as I call it, which I’ll discuss in a sec!). Again this conditioner is used with the same peach extracts as the shampoo making it just as amazing! To use this, I squeeze a bit (a lot) into the palm of my hand and rub my hands together to warm it up. I then run the product all through the ends of my hair, from roughly just under the crown of my head right down to the tips. I tend to leave my conditioner in for about a minute – minute and a half to let it soak in and then it’s so soft once it’s rinsed out.

Step 2: Option 2

As I said for the first 2 of 3 washes in my “hair wash cycle” I use the conditioner, but on the third wash I use this; the 3 Minute Miracle Colour Deep Treatment. This stuff is amazing for treating damaged hair I LOVE it!!! I use this product almost exactly the same as I use the conditioner however I keep it in my hair for roughly 3 minutes to let the ingredients get right in there and make my hair beautiful! Again this is made with the peachy goodness as all the other products so I’m sure you can imagine how amazing my hair smells after it’s been washed!

Step 3

The third and final product I use every time I wash my hair is this Mega Miracle Oil. There is 3 was you can use this; on dry hair just before washing, on dry hair to add some extra shine, or on wet hair just before blow drying. I tend to find the latter the most effective way to get a gorgeous shine! I use my wet brush to get any knots and tugs out of my hair before drying it, then I’ll do 2 pumps of this into my hands and run it through the ends of my hair, then repeat. Once I have thoroughly blow dried my hair it looks so clean and shiny all down to these products.

I love love love having red hair but it is really expensive to keep the colour of it as I do need to get it recoloured quite often, but I truly believe these Aussie products help keep the colour as long as possible without any major fading – and hate to mention it again but the smell is incredible. Also guys this product was no way sponsored or anything like that at all by Aussie or the retailers I buy them from I just truly love the products!!

That’s all for today’s post guys. I’ll be continuing my 30 Day Blogging Challenge in Wednesdays post. Until then you can keep up with me on my other social media platforms that are linked on my homepage and can also follow me on Snapchat at sophiemacgregor.

Until next time guys x


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