30 day challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge

Hey everyone! Welcome back.

Since I am still starting out new here I thought a good way for you to all get to know me a bit better would be to begin with this challenge. I am trying to commit to posting content twice a week, so I think I’ll do one day per week, and then something different on my other posting day – just to ensure it’s not the same type of content all the time! So let’s get started..

Day One; Your Blog’s Name

Okay so my blog name is simply my name. I did try to come up with something quirky and different but this blog will be about me and my opinions and my reviews and it will be my platform to grow and get to know people! So what better way to begin to get to know someone than with their name, am I right? I actually really like my name and I think I suit being a “Sophie”. So that’s how I came up with my name, kinda simple but I’m happy with it.

Okay guys that’s all for “day one”. I’m gunna look forward to doing this challenge I think, at least this way I’ll never be stuck for content and then when I can get into a proper blogging routine and figure out my “niche” (is that an okay way to use this term? I don’t even know) here. As I said, I will be posting twice a week on here (I’m thinking a Sunday and a Wednesday, what to you guys think? Leave a comment if you have any other advice please) but you can also keep up with me on my other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook which are all linked on my homepage! You can also follow me on Snapchat at sophiemacgregor again really simple and easy!!

Until next time guys, lots of love x


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